Shared hosting
Shared hosting is when your web site is hosted on a web server along with other websites, every having its own net domain name. Unless you need abnormally high amounts of bandwidth and disc space, shared hosting is probably the higher possibility due to the lower price compared to other choices. All of the web hosting services reviewed on this website provide some type of shared hosting plan.
Shared hosting is that the most typical platform as it’s a reasonable choice for startups and new websites. Shared hosting will have it’s limits but usually if you have got a website that has static content shared hosting is definitely suitable. Shared hosting is nice once taking off and you can always upgrade to a VPS or dedicated server as your web site grows.

What Is VPS Hosting?
Virtual Hosting is when your web site is hosted on a server which is divided into multiple separate virtual servers. every partition acts as its own web server and can therefore, be managed severally from different partitions on an equivalent server.
One major benefit to a VPS is that you’ll have full root access to your server. This simply means that you’ll be able to install any modules like a particular version of apache, PHP, MySQL or anything that you want. A VPS is that the next step up from shared hosting. Designed for web site owners that need dedicated resources and quantifiability, VPS hosting is still cheaper than a dedicated server but offers you pretty much an equivalent functionality. With a VPS you’ll be able to additionally install any operating system and control each aspect of your server.

What Is Dedicated Server Hosting?
Dedicated Hosting is when you basically rent the use of a complete server. This server isn’t shared by anybody. The hosting supplier would still pay attention of supporting the server but you’d have full control over managing the server, setting up the web sites, and what will and can’t be put in on the server.
A dedicated server is usually recommended when you want additional power and performance. You’ll have full root access on a dedicated server. this is a good choice for a small, medium or enterprise business. Having a dedicated server also permits you to sell hosting. If you select a dedicated server you’ll be able to install cPanel and WHM, the most popular hosting control panels with tons of options.