CDN Shared Web Hosting

Web Hosting in Chennai: We provide high prefoamnce CDN Shared Web Hosting in Chennai, India. CDN hosting allowed 25% of CPU usage for the websites. Its really better choice for normal shared hosting. This CDN hosting comes with SSD. SSDs are powered by flash memory (microchips).

Content delivery network(CDN) delivers the content from the nearest server which reduces the load time and faster response. It has a great impact on user satisfaction. CDN is a large distributed system of servers deployed in multiple information centers across the web. The goal of a content delivery network is to serve content to end users with high availability and high performance.
Content delivery network serve a large fraction of the internet content nowadays, including internet objects, downloadable objects, applications (e-commerce, portals), live streaming media, on-demand streaming media, and social networks. CDN is one of the simplest ways that to create your web site load very fast. We have built a worldwide network designed to optimize security, performance and responsibility, without the bloat of legacy technologies. The result’s a CDN that’s simple to setup, cheaper, and performs higher than any CDN you’ve tried before.

People with technical backgrounds are alert to what CDNs are and the advantages of using a content delivery network. but for non-technical people, the concept will seem alien.
Well, there’s nothing to worry about as a result of, during this blog post, i’ll be talking in-depth about content delivery networks and why you must be using one.

CDN Web Hosting Benefits

  • Webszilla Hosting’s Content delivery network DN automatically identifies and blocks malicious visitors before they even reach your website.
  • Increased period of time – If one of the content delivery network servers is unavailable, your website traffic is automatically routed to consecutive nearest server and delivers your stored content
  • Compatible With Your Databases & Applications
  • Perfect Solution For International Customers
  • Accelerate Your Site
  • 1-Click Setup – Just click the CloudFlare icon in cPanel.